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FDDS is a new generation Data Centre development company and is developing a series of world class Data Centre facilities to provide unrivalled service across the MENA region.

Data centers are the heart of organizations that hosts the most critical equipment that are vital for business continuity and operations. With the digitization of modern businesses there is an increasing scope of business support applications and technologies like Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Big Data Analytics.

FDDS is developing a new data center project that will not only support the activities Abu Dhabi but also provide services to rest of the GCC to address the growing need in the market. This would be a world class Data Centre facility to provide unrivalled service for the UAE market.

FDDS has signed a long-term partnership agreement with its JV Partner to invest in Abu Dhabi , UAE, to support local market requirements and the nearby Middle East & MENA region.


FDDS plans to build a new concurrently maintainable Data Centre that can host mission critical systems and provide colocation services, business continuity and managed services facilities to local and international organizations as an integral part of the Innovation Hub development.

The project shall be designed to provide the most economically sustainable Data Centre development in the UAE and the wider Middle East region

The final IT design capacities of the data center are still being determined and will be aligned to meet the current market demand. The entire site is expected to be master planned for a total IT capacity of 20MW of IT capacity with a phased deployment. The first phase of the project is expected to bring to market 5-6MW of IT capacity with the Shell for phase two being completed at this stage to allow the fast fit-out deployment of a second phase of 5-6MW of IT capacity.

Project Brief

  • Location: ICAD III – Mussaffah
  • Plot Area: 55,068.12 Sqm, 55,067.86 Sqm & 50,042.5 Sqm
  • Type of agreement: Musataha for 50 years, renewable for another 50years.
  • Premise lot size: 12,000 SQM (i.e. scalable to 20% of future UAE market)
  • Premise network connectivity: Redundant w/ 2 carriers, Proximity to internet exchange point
  • Premise connectivity to electric grid: Redundant w/ 2 utilities
  • Facility size (for 1st construction phase): 1,000 SQM (i.e. equal to 5% of UAE market)
  • Tier: Tier 3+ (i.e. > 99,98 availability, N+1 Redundancy for network, power)
  • Cooling & energy efficiency: Cooling for up to 1,700 W/SQM Liquid Immersion or Passive PUE < 1,4
  • Total IT capacity: 20MW
  • Datacenter Types (for 1st buildout phase): Cloud | 400SQM -> Colocation | 600sqm Technologies
  • Technology: x86 and GPUbased High Performance
  • Potential Partners: E.g. Huawei, Microsoft, VMware, Redhat
  • Total investment: $300 Million


Data centres at multiple location

FDDS is developing a new data center project that will not only support the activities Abu Dhabi but also provide services to rest of the GCC to address the growing need in the market.


The facility is well equipped with security cameras and biometric access systems to ensure security of physical infrastructure of the facility and the network systems from external and internal threats

Controlled environment

The Data centers will have highly efficient air conditioning system, temperature and humidity controls that can be controlled for each sections individually.


Our facility is scalable that allows us set up operations for different company as per their specific requirements

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